NEVER Played Water Polo Before?

All 'Rookies' are encouraged to complete a Stingers Water Polo Bootcamp before becoming a Club member.

Bootcamp is an intense 3-4 week water polo training course that teaches the basic concepts of the sport. You'll be given opportunity to learn the rules of the game and test your skills in a supportive environment before joining the club.

You don’t need to be Ian Thorpe in the pool, but you do need to be able to swim comfortably.
(Please note: this is not a 'learn to swim' program)


Our Bootcamp is scheduled for Autumn 2017 and runs across 4 Saturday morning sessions, with a break for easter:

  • 25th March - including post bootcamp welcome breakfast
  • 1st April
  • 8th April
  • 22nd April

Attendance at all sessions is preferred (but not mandatory) and costs a total of $50 person for the entire course, plus pool entry $6.20 each week.  If you cannot make these dates the next boot camp will be run in Spring 2017.

Want to get started sooner?

Future Bootcamp attendees are welcome to join the team at our mid-week swim training sessions until the next course is held. Develop your core swimming skills and endurance, meet the team and hear their first-hand experience building confidence in water polo.

Maybe you're More Experienced?

Players with previous water polo experience at any level are welcome to join our Saturday training sessions to meet and train alongside the Stingers.


Being a Stinger is a perfect way to own who you are...
— Cam (Autumn 2014 Bootcamp, current member)
Training has got me in my best shape ever. 10/10 would recommend
— Dan (Spring 2015 Bootcamp, current member)
I love it all - and the eye candy is a plus!
— Kalin (Autumn 2015 Bootcamp, club supporter)
It’s been a great way to get fit and meet really nice people.
— Dean (Spring 2015 Bootcamp, current member)
A great introduction to water polo for those that have never played. Everyone can do it!
— Enrique (Spring 2015 Bootcamp, current member)
Everyone has been welcoming and boot camp was a non-threatening introduction to the game and people.
— Stephen (Spring 2015 Bootcamp, current member)