health + safety

The Sydney Stingers takes members health and safety seriously.  Members should be pro-active in managing their level of risk when training and playing the sport by following a few simple steps:

  • Understand your own personal insurance cover: Check any Private health cover Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) to see if injuries related to Water Polo are not covered, and any other limitations. If you do not have private health cover, you may be liable for costs associated with ambulances and emergency care - this is most important for people residing here from overseas on particular visa's.

  • Understand the cover provided by Water Polo NSW: All paid members are covered by insurance as part of our fee's paid to Water Polo NSW. Details of this cover can be found on this website - any questions regarding it should be directed to Water Polo Australia.

  • Wear appropriate protective equipment, including caps with ear protection, and mouth guards.

  • Keep all fingernails and toenails cut short prior to training and playing.

  • Removing all jewellery before playing or training.

  • Keep up a good level of fitness between training sessions and remember to stretch and warmup before all games and training.

Polo Shirts and SWIMWEAR:

New members are provided with a Stingers polo shirt and Stingers water polo swimwear after joining.

If you wish to purchase an extra polo shirt, swimwear, or other Stingers merchandise, please visit our online shop.

Swimwear Sizing: The club purchases Delfina brand water polo swimwear. Water polo swimwear is double-lined and generally a tighter fit than regular swimwear.

  • Men’s suits: We suggest you order a size up. For example, if you wear Size M in Speedo, AussieBum etc. swimwear, we suggest you order your water polo swimwear in a size L.

  • Women’s suits: Sizing for women’s suits is a bit difficult. You'll definitely need to size up 1-3 sizes, especially if you're tall. Ask other members for advice on sizing and refer to the Delfina sizing chart.


Unisex stingers-branded singlets are available for purchase in the online shop.


The club does not purchase balls for members, however members may group together from time to time to make a group purchase and pool postage costs.



Major decisions affecting the club are made by the Executive Committee, which meets about once a month. The Exec aims to act in the best interests of the Club and players.

Current positions in the Executive Committee are:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • General Executive

  • Ordinary Executive with responsibility for members of the “L” competitive teams

  • Ordinary Executive with responsibility for members of the “M” competitive teams

  • Ordinary Executive with responsibility for non-competing members

Current members of the Exec are listed on the Meet page.

How can I have a say?

Please discuss any questions or concerns with any member of the Exec team.

I'd like to get involved in helping to organise things in the club. How can I do that?

Members are encouraged to get involved in organising tournaments, social events, charity events, recruiting etc. Contact a member of the Exec Team if you'd like to help with an upcoming event.

Exec positions come up for a vote every two years at staggered intervals at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Positions may also become vacant throughout the year from time to time & this will be announced on the members' Facebook page.









Income for the club comes from two sources: club membership fees and fundraising.  Fundraising income is predominantly raised at the yearly trivia night and Colombian hotel events, community sponsorship from ACON and donations.  Mardi Gras parade and boot camps typically break even, and are not considered fundraising events.

There are three principals which underly the current model for expenditure of fundraising funds, in order of priority for spending:

1. Consistent funding for international teams, which has been governed by the following rules:

a. A minimum of $5,000 of funding for international teams.
b. The profits of Trivia Night above $5,000 being available to be allocated to international teams to top up the $5k floor:
c. A maximum of $10k of total funding and $500 per player total funding for international comps.

2.  An ACON scholarship (dependant on ACON sponsorship) which is distributed at the discretion of the executive committee.  In the 2016/17 season funds were distributed equally to all players under 28 that were currently playing in the metropolitan competition.

3. Increasing the number of coaches, and coaching hours, available to the Club so that as we grow members we have the ability to develop players, and teams, to their full potential.  Funds not spent on international competitions or ACON scholarships above are allocated here.

The rationale for prioritising funding for international teams is as follows:

  • A greater value proposition is presented to the community when fundraising is centred around sending teams overseas, rather than day to day running costs of the club.

  • The exposure the club gains from being represented overseas is beneficial, including drawing new members from overseas who may move to Sydney to live.

  • Travel and registration costs for tournaments can be expensive, and club funding can facilitate greater club member involvement.


The following chart summarises total income and expenditure over the last seven seasons, broken into income and expenditure as noted.  Please note end of year financial information is available for review through the club internal Facebook group under 'files'.  

Source: Financial reports for years ending 2010-2017. Notes: Figures stated are net: ie. not inclusive of fundraising related expenses. Years represent the year the season ended in.


The following chart summarises the average spending on international tournaments as a percent of total fundraising monies over the last 8 seasons, 2013-2017.  Total funds raised during this period = $114,181.

Source: Financial reports for years ending 2010-2017.


The chart below shows average expenditure over the last eight club seasons, 2013-2017.
Total income for the period = $303,633.
Total expenditure for the period = $261,204.

Source: Financial reports for years ending 2010-2017.

capital reserve

As part of the budget process for IGLA Antwerp 2013, the Executive Committee decided to allocate a portion of the Club’s past Operating Surpluses to a Capital Reserve. The amount allocated represents the minimum amount the Committee believes the Club will need to have on hand in order to operate for 1 year without fundraising. 

Source: Financial reports for years ending 2010-2017

Finance information updated 6th October 2017.