The Stingers returned to the pool with great energy last night after a break last week for the Melbourne Cup.

Stingers A fought out a great match with Drummoyne Red at the Ryde Leisure & Aquatic Centre to come away with a 6-4 win. Great goals by Daniel Bushe, James Graham, Kerry Mealing, Marcus Richards and Rob Timbrell.  Stingers A have won 3 from 3 games this season so far.

Stingers B played UNSW Wests at Ashfield pool and showed great development in the pool. Unfortunately the boys came away with a 2-7 loss, with goals scored by Enrique PanameƱo and Alberto Jimenez.

Next week both Stingers A play and B play Parramatta at 8pm and 7:15pm respectively, at Parramatta Swimming Centre.