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The Stingers are a competitive lesbian and gay waterpolo club in Sydney. Originally formed in October 2001 to represent Sydney in the 2002 Gay Games, the club is now incorporated and is a permanent fixture of the Sydney gay and lesbian sporting community, with two teams also playing in the NSW metropolitan competition. 

The club’s mission is to provide an inclusive, friendly environment to learn and play waterpolo, train and socialise. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience, however to play a waterpolo game requires strong swimming skills and endurance. The club therefore encourages new and beginner players to join and actively develop and improve all the skills required.

Sydney Stingers 2012

This season, the Sydney Stingers has two teams competing in the NSW metropolitan league:

Team A Currently plays in the M5 division of the Sydney Metropolitan league every Tuesday night. Team A is an experienced team and players in this team have years of solid waterpolo playing experience and look to increase their levels of fitness, continue to develop advanced waterpolo techniques and to compete in the M5 Metropolitan league and at other State and in International tournaments.

Team B Plays in the M6 division of the Sydney Metropolitan league every Tuesday night. Team B is for players who are continuing to develop and enhance core skills, increase fitness levels while learning a serious sport in a fun environment and play in the M6 Metropolitan league.

Waterpolo Bootcamp All Rookies and new members are encouraged to complete a Stingers Waterpolo Bootcamp course before becoming a Club member. The Bootcamp is an intense 4 week waterpolo training coarse that teaches the basics of the sport and the rules of the game. Rookies are also encouraged to swim with the team on the Thursday night swimming sessions until the Bootcamp courses are available. To register for the next Bootcamp, register by clicking on the icon on the right and we will contact you when the next course is coming up to see if you're still interested.

Training Only Rookies and new members are encouraged to participate in the swim training sessions each Thursday night at Cook+Philip Pool until core swimming skills and endurance are to a level suitable for playing waterpolo.

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